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LoFi Loft
Kick back and coast to these chillhop and lofi beats.

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Below are 10 of the most popular LoFi Playlists on YouTube Music. These playlists make great background music for studying, working, or just relaxing.

lofi loft

#1 - lofi loft

Created by YouTube Music

Kick back and coast to these chillhop and lofi beats.

Jazzhop Studies

#2 - Jazzhop Studies

Created by YouTube Music

Get focused with this chill mix of lofi beats and jazz flavor.

#3 - best of lofi hip hop

Created by Pokedude104

lofi hip hop


#4 - Chillwave

Created by YouTube Music

This laid-back blend of modern lo-fi recording techniques and vintage synth noises is one of today's most addictive sounds.

lofi hip hop remixes

#5 - Lofi hip hop remixes

Created by Arauma San

Lofi hip hop remixes

chillhop music

#6 - ? lofi hip hop radio • beats to study / relax to

Created by Chillhop Music

Enjoy this playlist of chilled lofi hip hop beats on YouTube Music

lofi flow state

Created by YouTube Music

Find your late night study flow.


#8 - ChilledCow - lofi hip hop

Created by ChilledCow

All the tracks I uploaded on the channel, enjoy ?

Spotify's Lush Lofi

Created by saltshayker

Spotify's Lush Lofi

streambeats lofi

Created by StreamBeats by Harris Heller

Copyright free music for streamers.

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