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lofi hip hop - beats to relax/study by ChilledCow
A daily selection of chill beats perfect to relax & study

Top 10 LoFi Playlists

Below are 10 of the most popular LoFi Playlists on Deezer. These playlists make great background music for studying, working, or just relaxing.

lofi deezer

Created by ChilledCow

A daily selection of chill beats - perfect to help you relax and study

Lo-Fi & chill

#2 - Lo-Fi & chill

Created by Alice - Deezer Moods Editor

Study or relax to the best lo-fi sounds around.

Delicieuse Musique

Created by Delicieuse Musique

The finest blend of instrumental, lofi hiphop, lofi beats, jazzhop, chillhop, boombap


#4 - Jazztronic

Created by Yannick - Deezer Jazz & Blues Editor

Where jazz meets electronic music.


Created by ChillBeatsMusic

Mellow chill beats, chillhop, lofi hip hop music & relaxing jazzy vibes. Perfect to relax & perfect to groove. Updated weekly.

lofi relax

#6 - Lofi Relax

Created by Romar - Editor Deezer Brasil

Um pouco de lo-fi pra encerrar o dia e recarregar as energias.


Created by edmsauce

A selection of chill lofi beats to relax and study to.

evergreen chillhop

#8 - Chill & Lo-Fi Instrumental Hip-Hop Beats (Evergreen Selection)

Created by grooveattack

fly high to lo-fi. happy to sappy. clappy to snappy. funky to bumpy. groovy to gloomy. bloomy to doomy. study to never mind...

Lo-Fi Hip-Hop deezer

Created by Narjes - Deezer Rap Editor

A collection of lo-fi & hip hop beats.

chillhop music deezer

Created by Chillhop Music

Chillhop beats with that worn, dusty lofi sound... We hope you enjoy these chill lofi hip hop tunes while studying / chilling / working. ♥

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